Mix & Pack Grotech Style

Every day is a new adventure here at Grotech Production Ltd!

As contract manufacturers with 30+ years experience, we are often asked ‘what we do’ and while it’s easy to reply that we ‘mix and pack stuff’, the reality is far from simple.

Specialising in bespoke production where no two customers’ requirements are ever the same, the ‘mix’ part of what we do includes such processes as:

  • Blending liquids
  • Dissolving solids in liquids
  • Making suspensions of solids in liquids
  • Blending powders
  • Impregnating granules with liquids
  • Coating granules with powder

We are often dealing with hazardous substances and the nature of these dictate how they are handled and indeed how they are packed.

The corrosive nature of some products make them unsuitable for some packaging while other characteristics or customer requirements can determine the shape, size and material of containers along with the cap, closure or other method used to seal the product.

Labelling is key too – especially as it often includes safety information and batch details – and the filled products are usually packed inside another container for ease of distribution which is then palletised and shrinkwrapped.

Specialising in providing an end-to-end complex manufacturing and packaging service, mixing and packing is just a part of what we do. Sometimes our service begins with formulating a product from scratch or finetuning an existing recipe and can also involve establishing its shelf life stability or drawing up the legally required safety data sheet.

So yes, if you like, we ‘mix and pack stuff’ but we also offer so much more! To see how we can do this for you, contact us on 01405 761 746