Investing In The Future With New Equipment

A £20,000 investment in new equipment is helping a Yorkshire contract manufacturer and packer sustain its leading position within the agrochemical and general chemical industries.

Grotech Production Ltd in Goole which develops and produces specialist bespoke powder, granule and liquid formulations has recently bought a new reach truck, a vacuum sack lifter and replacement weighing scales. This is on top of other investments over the last four years, including updating its fleet of forklift trucks.

The new equipment is bringing added operational efficiencies to the business as well as, in the case of the vacuum sack lifter, tremendous health and safety benefits.

Grotech’s Operations Director Stephen Moore explained: “As a business Grotech continues to go from strength to strength and we are busier than ever. As a whole the new equipment will enable us to meet the growing needs of our customers more efficiently while the vacuum sack lifter will also significantly reduce the manual handling risks for our staff when dealing with heavy sacks of raw materials and finished products.”

The reach truck is used in Grotech’s warehouse to enable pallets to be stored on racking at heights of up to eight metres. Supplied by Neckar Forklifts in Castleford, the new reach truck replaces a vehicle which the company was previously renting to Grotech, providing improved energy efficiency and better access through the factory therefore saving time that was previously spent switching loads between trucks so improving productivity and reducing energy consumption.

Neckar’s Sales Director Clive Morrison said: “We inherited Grotech as a customer when Neckar Forklifts took over Oxbow Handling two years ago and have been pleased to be able to continue the relationship by supplying both a gas counter balance truck for use on outdoors loading and off loading goods as well as the reach truck for indoor use.”

The vacuum sack lifter was supplied by Chesterfield based Palamatic and through a suction mechanism takes the strain off Grotech’s operators when moving heavy sacks of product around.

“Our lifters are customised according to the weight, product and materials being lifted. From a health and safety perspective they are a tremendous benefit as they take all the heavy lifting away from the operator but they are also an aid to productivity with more being achieved in a shorter time,” said Palamatic’s Andrea Fincham.

Five sets of industrial scales for use throughout Grotech’s production process have been supplied by Lorrimar Weighing in Hull. Trade approved, the new dual range scales offer greater consistency and reliability and have been custom-made to Grotech’s requirements.

“The scales are high quality machines which ensure accuracy whether it is a small amount which is being weighed or much larger. This helps improve consistency and efficiency with production as Grotech can be sure, when weighing all the ingredients, they will get the exact mix they require each and everytime,” explained Chris Hammond, Technical Support for Lorrimar Weighing. 

Stephen Moore added: “We pride ourselves on our weighing accuracy and decided to expand the selection of scales available to our team.”