Hands Up for Good Skin Care!

MANUFACTURING chemicals might not seem glamourous, but staff at Grotech Production Ltd in East Yorkshire has given the firm the thumbs up for its skin care strategy.

In the most recent skin care survey of employees 100 per cent reported that their skin condition was good while more than 80 per cent said they had very good skin.

It’s the latest survey conducted by the Goole company, which provides a holistic contract and discreet manufacturing service in everything from agri-chem to general chemicals and deals handling a variety of complex substances from powders to solvent based liquids.

“Some of the substances we handle can cause skin irritations from mild itching through to serious burns or worse,” said MD Martin Usher. 

“Acids and bases can cause nasty chemical burns to skin, the effects of other chemicals can be more subtle, with exposure going unnoticed for several hours before showing irritation.  At the same time protective gloves can case irritation as can reactions in adverse weather such as extreme dryness in the cold or perspiration in the heat, added to that some tasks such as continually lifting can cause friction.  The bottom line is – you want to avoid chemical exposure!

“Grotech Production Ltd take skin health very seriously.  We regularly monitor for changes using a series of quick, non-invasive tests.  The benefit is that whole we’re doing these we can find about any other health concerns or issues staff may have.

“In the past some staff have reported concerns regarding irritations caused by gloves which have prompted us to trial different varieties as well as promoting our own positive good skin health culture and dispelling the myth that ‘Men don’t Moisture’ – they do!

Over time, Grotech Production Ltd has built up data about changes in staff skin health and seen a regular and consistent improvement in the condition and quality of employee’s skin.

“The last set of results were encouraging with 100 per cent of staff fit for work skin health wise, 100 per cent reported good skin condition and 80 per cent said their skin was in very good condition,” added Martin.

“We’re not resting on our laurels and we are aiming for 100 per cent staff reporting very good skin condition and maintaining that!”