Grotech Empower Young Minds at Local School

When our local Parkside Primary School published in a newsletter that they were holding an Aspiration Day for Key Stage 1 children, Grotech immediately said ‘Yes!’ to attend.

We strongly believe that investing in the youth of today will build a better world, education is obviously an important factor in a young person’s development and if the seed can be planted early, potentially we can help to aspire young children to become budding scientists, agronomists and even skilled material handlers.

Aspiration Day isn’t just about the fantastic opportunities with the MOD, Police Service or other mainstream high end jobs. We believe that chemical engineering, agronomy, administration and managerial roles are just as important to helping our young minds decide what they want to be when they grow up!

Learning about the different kinds of sectors, industries and job roles is so important to young children to prepare them for the big wide world.

So what did we show the children?

Not just what Grotech do, but we asked them to question the word ‘Why?’ why is the sky blue on a morning? Why does cake mix turn from gloopy to hard once baked in an oven? ‘Why’ basically means what science is, ‘why’ can be agronomy and ‘why’ can also be chemical engineering where we touched slightly on the topic that women can do it too!

We showed them chemical reactions when water is added to Xantham Gum, we showed how volume is used and how one liquid is heavier than the other – we hopefully inspired young minds into the world of science and hopefully one day to join us in the world of agriculture and chemical engineering!