Grotech does things differently

IN an innovation driven company such as Grotech Production Ltd, doing things differently is in our blood. It can be the difference between failure and a happy customer.

Sometimes innovation is prompted by a customer’s request for ‘something different’. Or it could quite simply come from working through what needs to be done and incorporating things that hadn’t previously been considered.

On occasions we need to do things differently to overcome a problem such as filling a particularly gloopy product or a powder that retains air so it takes much longer to fill.

With more than 30 years’ experience as Yorkshire’s premier contract manufacturer and packer, particularly for the agrochemical and general chemical industries, Grotech Production Ltd is something of an expert when it comes to thinking on its feet and doing things differently.

Perhaps your product needs palletising in a special way to:

  • Stop bucket lids from lifting during transit allowing moisture to seep in;
  • Prevent pallet loads from sliding in transit;
  • Maximise the number of packs on a pallet;
  • Make packs easier to handle.
  • Provide security closures to control pilfering.

We can add strapping, high friction layer pads, pallet boxes or design shipping cartons and ensure suitable positioning of hand holes.

Or maybe we need to think differently earlier in the process – at the formulation stage for example – to ensure the right materials react together before others are introduced to the solution or to add an ingredient to prevent solids from settling in liquids or powder blends from clumping together?

The need to think outside the box can arise at any stage and with our industry experience, you can be sure we’ll have come across a solution to the problem in another context, market or technology and have the know-how and adaptability to be able to make it work for you.

For example, our own manufacturing system software has been developed out of our need to capture and use shop-floor data efficiently and this is also available to customers who wish to make use of our web-based manufacturing software WBS with world-wide accessibility.

To find out how we can think differently for you, contact us on 01405 761746 to find out more.