Celebrating World Wildlife Day

EVERY now and then it is good just to stop, look around and appreciate the natural world in which we live.

Today – World Wildlife Day (March 3) is one such day. The theme this year is ‘Sustaining all life on Earth’ and encompasses all wild animals and plant species as key components of the world’s biodiversity.

It is the interplay and interlinkages between the countless species of flora and fauna that gives us the air we breathe, the food we eat, the energy we use and the materials we need for all sorts of purposes. And it’s a sad fact that unsustainable human activities, overexploitation of the species and the earth’s natural resources is putting all that at risk.

Manufacturing is well documented as taking a toll on the environment. Gas emissions can pollute the air while liquid effluents can make their way into waterways. Then there’s the amount of waste that’s generated, particularly in terms of packaging, which can prove its own danger to the world and its wildlife if it isn’t disposed of responsibly.

At Grotech we handle a lot of packaging from incoming raw materials which we do our best to reuse – in the case of cardboard sheeting – while recycling some items as plastic sheeting and rejected bottles. Where plastics are concerned, we are trying to minimise the amount that we use, but as it’s not possible to eliminate it all, we are looking at ways we can control its disposal to ensure it doesn’t end up in our countryside, on seashores or, heavens forbid, inside our wildlife.

One of the things we have been looking into at Grotech is grinding all the plastic waste the business generates and feeding it into an appropriate recycling stream such as for use as a binder in the manufacture of asphalt for road surfacing. Not only does this have its own environmental benefits but it also makes a better road surface!

When considering the scale of the issues the environment faces today, we appreciate the difference our policy of minimise, reuse and recycle will make will be just a drop in the ocean but it still makes a difference. Just think, if we all took the time to change what we do, even a little bit, how big would the difference be then?

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