Building New Markets for Concrete Cleaner

New 750ml trigger spray packaging is helping a leading concrete cleaning solution manufacturer to build new markets both in the UK and overseas.

Milton Keynes based Addax International already supply their leading concrete and cement removing detergent Cretebeater in bulk in 20-litre and 10-litre containers to large cement manufacturers and users of concrete. Their next step was to introduce a new format to enable smaller businesses, tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts to use Cretebeater and they turned to Grotech Production Ltd to package it.

Cretebeater is a biodegradable product which dissolves dried-on concrete and cement from tools, vessels and vehicles involved in the mixing, use or transportation of the building materials.  Traditionally, the only means of removing solidified concrete and cement has been by chipping away at it with a hammer or needle gun, or through the use of hydrochloric acid.

“We have been manufacturing and supplying Cretebeater to the cement and concrete manufacturing and building industries for more than ten years. It offers a safer and more environmentally friendly way of effectively removing dried-on cement and concrete than methods previously used with only the minimal PPE in the way of gloves and eye protection required,” said Addax International’s MD and co-owner Peter Johansen.

“We want to target new markets in the way of suppliers to smaller businesses and trades people such as builders’ merchants and building equipment hire shops but to do so needed the product packaging in smaller quantities and in easy to use containers.”

Addax International got in contact with Grotech Production Ltd through the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association, of which they have been a member for many years.

Experts in third party manufacturing and packaging of powders, granules and liquids for the agricultural, horticultural, household, motor and construction industries, Grotech were ideally placed to meet Addax’s requirements having more than 40 years’ experience. Taking a bulk delivery of Cretebeater they packed it into trigger spray bottles to be piloted in both the UK and one of Addax International’s 10 overseas markets.

Experts in packing liquids and powders, Grotech were able to fulfil this requirement in the timescale offered and we are very pleased with the end results.

“We went with Grotech Production Ltd initially because they offered a more competitive price on a smaller quantity. Having now worked with them I’ve been impressed with their proactive customer service especially in terms of keeping me informed and offering me options when things weren’t quite going to plan which meant I was still able to meet crucial deadlines,” said Peter.

“Grotech delivered on time and to budget meeting my expectations and I’m happy to work with them again.”

Theresa Hemingway, Grotech Sales and Marketing Supervisor stated: “We’d like to thank Addax for choosing Grotech to play a key role in the launch of the new format of their already successful product Cretebeater.

“We pride ourselves in being able to take a concept from development to full scale production and are delighted that we fulfilled all of Addax’s requirements.”