Being Helpful the Grotech Way

AT Grotech Production Ltd we pride ourselves on being the ‘helpful manufacturing people’ and there are many ways in which we can be just that!

Maybe you need help with formulating your product? Or even have a germ of an idea and want to embark on some first principle strategising to get to the crux and breathe life into it?

You could already have tabled your formulation but need to know more about its stability over time. We can conduct accelerated stability trials, hold product and send out samples worldwide for growing trials or other performance tests.

As Yorkshire’s premier contract manufacturers and packers with more than 30 years’ experience particularly in the agrochemical and general chemical industries, we are well versed in being helpful at many levels and at all stages of the development and production process.

Consequently, we have developed relationships with our customers and founded a reputation for helpfulness that goes beyond doing our development and mixing and packing roles well to adding value to what our customers want to achieve.

Examples of that include:

  • Providing packaging samples or samples of the finished product for market testing.
  • Preparing safety data sheets or advising on complying with the Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulations.
  • Procuring and blending unusual mixtures for special commissioning trials including emptying drums of solidified material and transferring it to another container. Something we have done recently is to blend a strange mixture of materials for use in testing processing equipment for a nuclear power plant decommissioning project. The mixture we blended acted as a simulant for low grade radioactive waste.
  • Designing special bottles for dosing liquid products including a coating to prevent transpiration of the contents.
  • Procuring and fitting a special seal to go under a bottle cap to hold a gelatine capsule for use once the bottle is opened.

Whatever you need, whether it is simple assistance in delivering your product to your customer or more complex in terms of repacking difficult materials, we helpful manufacturing folk can…help. Contact us on 01405 761 746