A Look Back at the Last 12 Months

It’s been a busy year for us here at Grotech, we have had many things to talk about.

New Customers

We have had the pleasure of welcoming 7 new customers to our existing customer base. Many of which brought some exciting products to the table, 2 of which were development projects which we saw from general idea to pilot batches.

We have seen 2 new trigger spray products manufactured including a breakthrough in cleaning concrete from tools! A carpet cleaner which uses a rather unusual ingredient and some very inert powder packing.


In 2017 we were proud to receive ‘Rising Star’ at the Humber Renewables Award ceremony in February, becoming the first contract manufacturer to achieve Soil Association status.

We were thrilled when in February 2018 we won the award for ‘Environmental Business of the Year’ and ‘Business of the Year’. Now in 2019 we are up again for the ‘Environmentally Friendly’ category and we have since been shortlisted! 

New Staff to our Team

Not only has our business seen growth in terms of our customer base but we have also expanded our staff, employing a new engineer with over 25 years’ experience, taken on two new apprentices in Marketing and Engineering and employed another administration team member.

All of these new recruits add to our strapline ‘Helpful Manufacturing People’ and we wish them all the very best of success with us over the next 12 months!

We also implemented our new ‘Employee of the Month’ scheme. We have seen 12 candidates win for various outstanding contributions to the company, as a relatively small company, working together well as a team and often going above the call of duty to ensure customer satisfaction is not only met but exceeded is but some of the reasons why our employees were awarded.

ISO Quality Management

Quality is key in how we operate here at Grotech Production, we were delighted to achieve the exciting milestone of our certification to the newest standard ISO 9001:2015! 

Maintaining ISO certification is of paramount importance. The standards provide a clear structure to enable Grotech to meet its objectives and maintain strategic direction and with Tracey at the compliance helm, you can be sure all quality requirements are being met and maintained at all times!

Investments and Innovations

Regarding our health and safety efforts, this year we have invested in a water aerosol/mist dust suppression system.

Also on health and safety we have been reviewing our PPE (personal protective equipment) that we issue to our operators and have made changes. For example we have tested the different gloves that we use against various liquids that we handle in order to determine how effectively the gloves provide protection.

Additionally our operators can get very hot inside their protective coveralls that they have to wear so we are now looking to change to suits that are breathable and so will help to keep the operators a little bit cooler.

We have looked into our safety glasses and are hoping to provide more options so that operators get the best protection and are also more comfortable with their glasses, so they don’t get marks or headaches, or ill-fitting glasses that fall off.

We have been assessing the levels of noise that occur through our various operations and are putting a greater focus on hearing protection and signage and policies around working with noisy equipment, this will help to prevent hearing damage and loss.