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UK Nematicide Manufacturer

GROTECH Production Ltd has over 5 years experience as a UK nematicide manufacturer and developer.  We can:

  • Produce nematicides in liquid and granule form
  • Provide technical support and advice to improve product formulation and ease of application
  • Ensure consistent product quality through our quality assurance processes.

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How did Grotech Production’s experience as a UK nematicide manufacturer help flower growers in Kenya?

Grotech Helps the World

Are your crops looking less than their best? Are they failing to reach the heights you’d expect, are your root vegs riddled with holes or the stems of your above ground plants somewhat wonky?

The reason for your disappointment could be nematodes. Those pesky little worms that lurk in the soil and eat the tips of a plant’s roots which subsequently causes them to grow crooked or become distorted.

Nematicides are a type of chemical pesticide which targets these plant-parasitic nematode worms eliminating them so the plants grow more evenly.

As a leading contract chemical manufacturer specialising in the agrochemical and hortichemical sectors for the last 40 + years, Grotech Production Ltd knows a bit about making plants grow. Along with producing pesticides and fertilizers, Grotech is a UK nematicide manufacturer and is experienced in the production of nematicidal products.

flowers being sorted by a florist

We can produce nematicides in both liquid and granule form for ease of application to the soil around the plants being grown with the active ingredients being released into the soil through rainfall or irrigation.

With the granule format, the active ingredient can be impregnated into an absorbent granule or sprayed on, coating the outside of a granule. Granules can be supplied in pack sizes ranging from 100g to 1000kg in pouches, pails, bags, buckets, sacks or IBSc.

We provide bespoke liquid blending services for batches from 100 to 5000 litres filled into a wide range of containers from 50ml to IBCs. The liquid product involves a two-stage manufacturing process including homogenisation to ensure an evenly blended solution. We have been involved in developing

the manufacturing process for this almost from the outset and have quality assessment measures in place to ensure a consistent quality product from every batch.

Crops come in different forms from food stuffs to flowers and all can fall victim to nematodes, no matter where in the world they are grown as nematodes are capable of adapting to soil ecosystems worldwide. One of the nematicides we produced in liquid form was in fact used by flower growers in Kenya who supply to UK supermarkets.

Research has shown that some 10% of crops worldwide are lost to nematodes every year. If you would like to be at the forefront of enabling farmers and growers to guard against their crops being in this 10%, why not get in touch? See our contact us page or give us a call on 01405 761746.