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Fertiliser Contract Manufacturing

FERTILISER contract manufacturing is a key part of what we do at Grotech Production Ltd. With 40+ years’ experience in contract manufacturing for the agrochem and horticultural sectors, we can:

  • Provide a confidential end-2-end service from formulation to production and packing as required
  • Produce fertilisers in liquid, powder or granule form in batches ranging from trial runs to 1,500kg (powders), 5,000 litres (liquids) and 1,000kg (granules)
  • Troubleshoot issues relating to production or product end of use.

Let us add value while fertiliser contract manufacturing for you. See our Agrochemical Contract Manufacturing page to find out more.

How did Grotech’s fertiliser contract manufacturing service help soil improvers in Mongolia?

grotech helps the world - mongolian field

THERE is much more to growing crops, especially commercially, than dropping a seed into freshly dug soil, covering it over and crossing your fingers for rain and sun in equal measure.

At other times fertiliser is used to boost the quality of the soil and compensate for any deficiencies which may impact successful arable farming. Soil quality varies around the world, influenced by environmental factors such as climate as well as farming practices.

With some 40+ years’ experience of working in the agrochem industry, Grotech is well versed in putting together products which will target nutritional deficits and redress the balance to aid successful growth.

We have recently worked with product developers on a soil improvement project they were associated with in Mongolia. The aim of the project was to raise the fertility of a particular region in Mongolia and we were asked to supply a blend of minerals for them to trial.

farmer with heap of soil in hand

After studying the proposed blend, we sourced the materials needed to make the trial batch. The granules to be used in the blend varied significantly in size. This concerned us as such discrepancy could cause the various materials to separate, reducing the consistency of the blend and resulting in too great a variation between different sacks of the product. In turn, this could lead to a ‘patchwork effect’ when used in the field.

To overcome the potential issue, we suggested grinding the component that was most likely to cause a problem before it was added to the blender. The product was then mixed, packed and shipped to the client for use in field trials. We are hopeful that the outcome of the trials will be successful and we will move on to the next stage with more significant volumes.

It is this type of project, where our wealth of experience in fertiliser contract manufacturing really pays off and we can add value to our customers’ endeavours, that we love at Grotech. Perhaps you have a bespoke product that you’d like to put in the hands of the helpful – and experienced – manufacturing people? If so, why not give us a call on 01405 761746 or email us here.