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Custom Enzyme Agrochemicals

GROTECH Production Ltd has 40+ years’ experience of producing bespoke products for the agricultural industry including custom enzyme agrochemicals. We can:

  • Produce bespoke enzyme agrochemicals in powder, liquid or granule form;
  • Provide technical advice and expertise to enable you to develop a totally new product as well as rework, modify, improve or refresh an existing one;
  • Partner with you to explore new product development opportunities providing experience, expertise and equipment you may lack in-house.

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How did Grotech Production’s agrochemical manufacturing services help chicken farmers in the UK?

grotech helps the world - chickens in a coop

AS bespoke contract manufacturers and packers to the general chemical industry and specialist suppliers to the farming and agriculture sectors, Grotech Production Ltd gets asked to produce all kinds of products. One of the more unusual has been a bespoke biological formulation for decontaminating chicken bedding.

At Grotech we tailor our services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. While capable of providing a complete end-2-end service from formulation development through manufacture to pack and despatch, in this case our brief was to take the customer’s powder ingredients, blend and pack into pails.

The blended powders include enzymes which digest the ammonia contained in the chicken’s manure within the bedding. This not only reduces the pungent odour of the ammonia but protects the wellbeing of the birds by eliminating the risk of burns.

farmer feeding chickens from bowl

We have been enzyme powder blending for this particular customer for several years while they grow their business in the UK. At Grotech we pride ourselves on our flexibility and capability to be able to produce as much or as little of a product as required. This is ideal for customers starting to develop their business or looking to specific areas of it – such as new technologies or applications – in an evolving market.

Our range of specialist powder and liquid blending equipment enables us to vary batch sizes from 50kg to 1,500kg and from 100 – 5000 litres. This means as well as full production runs, we can supply product samples for testing of the finished product plus pilot scale batches.

We are able to process raw ingredients supplied in a wide variety of containers and, once blended, can fill your products into your choice of packaging from bottles and pouches to kegs and IBCs.

Finally, for their onward journey, if you – or your customer needs the agrochemicals palletising in a certain way, no problem – just let us know what they require and we will oblige, including boxes or collars for maximum protection during overseas transit.

Do you have specialist powder blending requirements that we can help with? Why not give us a call on 01405 761746 or email our experienced team here.