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Pineapple Growers in Ghana

AT first glance, one patch of earth seems very much like another.  Take a closer look and you’ll start to notice differences often most noticeably in colour and texture with some soils, dark, heavy, dense and clay-like while others are lighter, crumblier and sandier.

If that’s what you can spot with a naked eye, imagine how much you could discover if you really delved deep! That is the role carried out by agronomists who specialise in the science of soil management and crop production.

Agronomists often work closely with commercial food producers as knowing the soil they are working with can be critical to achieving successful growth. Different foods grow better in certain soils and climates, but even when the conditions are right, nature can sometimes benefit from a helping hand and that’s where a chemical contract manufacturer such as Grotech Production Ltd can be of use.

We specialise in working for the agrochem and horti-chem industries, blending, packing and supplying powder, liquid and granule products to help plants grow. Whether that helps comes in the shape of fertiliser or nutrients to boost growth or pesticides to guard against errant forces that could impede natural development, we have the technical know-how and the specialist kit to provide bespoke products that work.

We have been working with an agronomist serving a pineapple plantation in Ghana, West Africa. Keen to enhance the mineral content of the local soil, they ordered a shipment of seven micronutrients to be used as part of a complex fertilisation programme by the Ghanaian growers to boost soil fertility and the quality of the pineapple crops.

Of course, we don’t claim to know everything about all soil types and what is needed to make specific fruit and vegetables grow bigger or more succulent but we do know about chemicals and nutrients and how to make and package them for our customers.

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