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Biostimulant Contract Manufacturing

IN line with the ever increasing need to be more sustainable with the agricultural technology used across the world, Grotech Production Ltd is looking to grow its biostimulant contract manufacturing services.

The company which has 40+ years’ experience with the agriculture and horticulture sectors, has long been a strong supporter of sustainable and eco-friendly farming methods and an advocate for natural bio-products. We are a member of the International Biocontrol Manufacturing Association and were the first contract manufacturer in our sector to achieve Soil Association accreditation in our own right.

Biostimulant technology is an important developing market in a world impacted by global warming with a growing global population to feed where lower carbon intensive operations and more soil friendly methods need to be the order of the day.

seedlings in a tray

For those who don’t know, biostimulants are formulations, usually derived from natural sources such as seaweed, which are applied to promote plant growth, development and health. Grotech is proud to already be involved in biostimulant contract manufacturing working with a number of customers at the leading edge of this sector. So far, we have helped to develop, manufacture and trial products that include chitosan, endophytes and azotobacter microbes.

Unlike fertilisers that provide essential nutrients directly to the plant, biostimulant products work by improving nutrient uptake, stress tolerance and other physiological processes. They can be used at various stages of a plant’s life from seed germination to maturity and can be applied in numerous ways – as a spray to foliage or soil application for instance.  

This flexibility in use is key especially when it comes to easily integrating biostimulant products into existing farming practices. Grotech has the capability to manufacture formulations in liquid, powder and granule form for ease of application by the end user. We also have a custom formulation team experienced in developing bespoke agricultural products who are keen to explore the technical aspects of biostimulants and the use of different compounds such as plant hormones, amino acids, enzymes, humic acids and other organic materials.

The benefits of using biostimulants include –

Better nutrient absorption

Enhanced root development enabling better water and micronutrient uptake leading to a healthier, more robust plant.

Improved tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought, fluctuating temperatures, salinity and disease as it triggers the plant’s natural defences to thrive in challenging conditions.

Increased yield and quality due to optimised plant growth and health. Higher yields not only improve productivity but profitability and economic returns for the farmer.

Long-standing environmental sustainability benefits. Some biostimulants promote microbial activity and decomposition of organic matter resulting in reduced soil erosion and healthier soil.

Better fruit and crop quality – improvements not only in appearance of the produce but the nutritional value and flavour.

Reduced chemical dependence. Enhancing the plant’s health and stress resistance, reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, supporting more sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Originating from natural sources, biostimulants align well with organic farming methods and can form part of an integrated pest management and soil enrichment programme in organic agriculture.

We were delighted to attend Groundswell Festival in Hertfordshire in June this year, an annual regenerative agricultural event which enables farmers, growers, and anyone interested in food production and the environment to learn about the theory and practical applications of regenerative farming systems. 

It was evident from the buzz at the festival how many UK farmers have at their heart a belief in sustainable farming, a commitment to the continual search for improvements in soil health and how much importance they place on the soil as a sink for carbon capture and the enhancement of the environment.

It was also clear how they value incorporating biostimulants into their agricultural working practices as a contributor towards a more resilient and productive farming landscape, supporting food security and care for the environment.

Grotech sees its future closely aligned with biostimulants and is keen to work with likeminded enthusiasts of biostimulants. If you have a biostimulant project which we can assist you with, particularly in the practical area of making it, we’d like to hear from you! Why not give us a call on 01405 761746 or email us here.