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Biopesticide Product Development

Biopesticide Researchers in Europe

AS professional ‘mixers and packers of stuff’ we, at Grotech Production Ltd, are constantly searching for new opportunities to do just that!

We specialise in agrochemical contract manufacturing and pride ourselves on being as environmentally responsible and sustainable as possible. Only too aware of the persistent bio accumulative toxic effect that some pesticides can have on our environment, we have long been an advocate of more sustainable and renewable biopesticide systems.

Over the years we have developed our own expertise in handling these, usually natural, materials and are eager to be recognised for our skilled resources in biopesticide product development and production in Europe which we see as a growing and environmentally valuable sector.

Particularly keen to work with smaller enterprises around the world who want to bring their scientific expertise in the field of biopesticides to market, we have previously taken part in events such as the Biopesticides Conference held by Enterprise Europe Network and the Natural Resources Institute at University of Greenwich.

Here, being the ‘helpful manufacturing people’ that we are, we offered our pilot and production services to a number of European researchers and developers. This has led to us filling bottles with pollen to be used to feed beneficial insects which prey on more harmful ones and also helping to develop a formulation of a biostimulant product which is expected to reach commercial trial phase this Spring.

Our experience in sourcing and developing formulations using natural and environmentally appropriate materials is often of value to our clients in this field. The formulation types can range from aqueous solutions or vegetable oil suspensions to powder blends of impregnated natural granules. The options for packaging and dosing mechanisms are also wide ranging from bottles and pails to water soluble sachets or pulpable paper bags sealed with water soluble glue.

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