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Bespoke Agrochemicals

Bespoke agrochemicals are like bread and butter to Grotech Production Ltd. With some 40+ years in formulating, manufacturing and packing for the bespoke agrochemical sector we can:

  • Provide an End-2-End confidential service
  • Blend and produce agrochemicals in liquid, powder or granule form
  • Add value through our technical experience and NPK development expertise

To find out more please see our agrochemical contract manufacturing page.

How did Grotech Production’s bespoke agrochemical manufacturing help cabbage growers in Ireland?

grotech helps the world - field of cabbages

AS contract manufacturers and packers often producing bespoke agrochemicals and unique chemical products for our clients, we at Grotech Production Ltd understand more than most the need for absolute confidentiality regarding what we do for our customers.

Offering an End-2-End service across the Supply Chain from product development and formulation to packaging and delivery, it is essential that our clients have confidence that what they ask us to do remains strictly between them and us. This maybe because they have developed unique formulations which makes their products stand out from the rest or perhaps, from their own customer’s perspective, they are viewed as a ‘one stop shop‘ with all aspects of their products’ production carried out inhouse. 

Either way we frequently enter into confidentiality agreements to protect not only the client’s identity but also the nature and detail of the work we carry out for them.

There are many benefits in joining forces with experienced contract manufacturers such as ourselves. We pride ourselves on adding value in terms of what we do for our clients. As specialists in the field of bespoke agrochemicals, horticultural chemicals and general chemical products for a wide range of sectors, you can be sure we can bring something different to the production process.

closeup of cabbages growing in a field

For instance, a particular area of expertise is in the area of fertiliser and plant growth stimulants. For more than 20 years, we are pleased to have helped a number of clients with products that have resulted in better crops all over the world including improved yield for cabbage growers in Ireland.

So, perhaps you need someone to manufacture your own unique formulations but have an issue with the consistency of the product which we can help overcome? Or maybe a fresh pair of experienced eyes in terms of product development might help boost the performance value of your product in its formulation or in the way it is packaged? It could simply be that demand for your product is outstripping your own inhouse production capability and you need to outsource.

Whatever you need, if you think you could benefit from Grotech’s experience and expertise or production capacity – confidentially speaking of course – give us a call on 01405 761746 or email us here.