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Agrochemical Repacking

ARE you in need of agrochemical repacking services? Perhaps your agrochems need breaking down into smaller units or maybe the opposite is required? Are you looking for a repack into nice new eyecatching packaging?

Whatever the reason, as specialist contract manufacturers and packers to the agrochemical sector, Grotech Production Ltd can help! We can:

  • Repack liquid, powder and granule products
  • Repack from and into a wide range of pack sizes from 500ml to bulk tankers
  • Repack and recover damaged goods

Find out more – see our chemical repacking services page.

How did Grotech Production’s agrochemical repacking service help rapeseed and cereal farmers in the UK?

grotech helps the world - cereal farmers

AS bespoke contract manufacturers and packers not all our work sees us making products from the very beginning!

We at Grotech Production Ltd can also turn our hand to repacking products supplied in bulk by our customers or, as in the case of a growth stimulant product for rapeseed and cereal farmers in the UK, blend and pack bulk product using specialist ingredients provided by the customer.

With this plant growth stimulant, we had worked with the client over several growing seasons to develop the product in both liquid and powder formulations. We had provided trial quantities for farmers and seed treatment specialists to use to test its effectiveness.

The biological stimulant can be used either through direct application to the rapeseed or cereal crop or as a seed treatment to improve germination and root biomass.

The formulation is a complex one and the powder blend, in particular, was tricky to handle. Being light and difficult to transfer across to the 50g pouches it was being repacked into, it also tended to absorb moisture and become sticky.

close up of cereal crop growing in field

However, with some 40+ years’ experience in the contract manufacturing and packing industry, specialising in goods for the agriculture and horticulture sectors, we were able to overcome these challenges and supply the product as required either in the pouches or, for the liquid, in 10 litre bottles.

Perhaps you have a bulk chemical liquid (including viscous) or powder or granule product that our automatic and semi-automatic filling and packing lines could pack for you?

We have the capability to repack from a wide range of pack sizes – from 500ml to bulk tankers – into smaller containers ranging from 500ml bottles to 1000kg IBCs. Whatever your desired packaging may be – IBCs, FIBCs, drums, sacks, bags, jerrycans, bulk bags, bottles or kegs – we can repack into it!

We also offer:

  • a repack and recover service for damaged bags of powders from 20kg to 1,000kg;
  • repacking and/or relabelling of agrochemical Parallel Import Products including advice on the appropriate packaging and labelling requirements if required such as original formulation batch numbers and date of manufacture (DOM), permit holder batch numbers and multiple batch requirements.

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