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June 6, 2018
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July 18, 2018

GROTECH Production Ltd are bottling experts with more than 40 years experience and their expertise guaranteed the green flag for one of their longest standing auto customers.

Grotech Production does it in tandem with contract manufacturing or as a stand alone service.  One project nearly stalled when a new product proved incompatible for the company’s existing distinctive branded bottles.

Weeks before the new product was launched at a major motor show in the UK Grotech Production Ltd’s MD, Martin Usher demonstrated his expertise and experience to get it back on track.

Fueltone Limited came to us with a new diesel fuel additive that they commissioned us to manufacture.

We’d successfully manufactured and packaged the Fueltone Pro range of petrol fuel additives for the Scottish company and were reliable and trusted partners.   Everything was going to plan with the new product until we started to package it.  Early trials highlighted it was incompatible with their existing bottles.

One fuel additive may sound like any other but to a chemist different formulations react in different ways within the same packaging.  Similarly, image is everything for a retail product and it was at this point that Martin Usher’s industry knowledge came to prominence.

Martin realised the only solution to the packaging problem was to design a new mould for the diesel fuel additive product that would provide the packaging stability needed while creating a bottle that matched the Fueltone Pro range.

The petrol additive bottle is manufactured from PVC which is unsuitable for some of the raw materials used in the diesel product.  After undertaking testing in the lab, involving paneling and product migration through the plastic, the Grotech Production Ltd team discovered the best material for the diesel fuel additive would be HDPE.

But that wasn’t the end of it.

With the clock ticking to the starting line of the motor show and hopes pinned on the new product we were under pressure.  And the research work wasn’t completed yet.

Once the new mould had been specified, designed and manufactured it then had to be fluorinated to ensure product stability in transit and on shelf.

Thankfully the Grotech Production Ltd team was able to turn the whole research, development and manufacture project around in time to get the bottles back, filled and on the starting grid for the starting flag.

Grotech Production Ltd Customer Relationship Manager, Stephen Moore said; “We had a few sleepless nights with this project because Fueltone Limited needed a solution within a tight timescale. The combination of our expertise, experience and relationships with our suppliers meant we were able to provide a resolution”.


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